Moguls Locator Platinum / Silver Lost and Found Mobile Phone Return Tag

Moguls Locator lost & found security tags offer an extraordinary way to recover your lost items anywhere in the world. Our unique tags drastically reduce the risk of permanently losing your valuable items and therefore having to replace your lost items. The Moguls Locator has been designed to fit virtually any mobile. When you use Moguls Locator to protect your items, they are protected for the life of the item for a one-time fee with no additional charges.

How it Works: Simple. If you lose an item and it is found, our team of live recovery assistants will be available by phone 24/7 to arrange for the return of your lost items from the person who finds it. In addition, the finder will receive a reward from us for returning the lost item—all at no additional charge to you. Over 80% of items protected by our tags have been returned within 24 hours.You can live in New York, lose something in the Miami airport, and we will return it to you at your Vegas hotel!

Each (1 Tag) Pack Includes:

  • 1 PLATINUM Square Label for (Mobile devices)

    All Products & Services Include:

    • Moguls Locator reward to finder ($50 gift pack)
    • FREE worldwide shipping on found item
    • 24/7 Global Lost & Found service & support
    • Unlimited number of recoveries
    • Lifetime registration (NO Annual fees)

    Currently available for U.S customers only.


    If you already have a tag CLICK HERE to ACTIVATE

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