Moguls Mobile Universal Smartphone Virtual Reality 3D VR Headset

Experience the ultimate adventure in imagination. This headset brings virtual reality to you for a fraction of the cost of other devices. It works with any of hundreds of downloadable virtual reality apps and uses your late model smartphone to take you on 360-degree video adventures that will dazzle your mind. It's a whole new level of make believe!
Experience the magic of virtual reality using your smartphone
  • Experience virtual reality for a fraction of the cost of other devices
  • Watch concerts as if you were actually in the audience or on stage with the artist
Easy to use
  • Just download one of the hundreds of free virtual reality apps available for your phone, then play the app and place your phone inside the headset sideways
  • Headset lets you see the app as if you were inside of it by turning left, right and 360 degrees around
  • Free apps listed in the user guide in the documents section
High compatibility
  • Works with most Samsung and iPhone models released in the last 2 years (iPhone® 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 and newer)
  • Watch 360-degree videos on Facebook and YouTube
Lightweight design
  • Comfortable to use and wear
    Free Apps listed in user guide in documents section
What You Get
  • Virtual headset
  • Instruction manual

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