Locator Return Tags


Q: What items can I protect with a Moguls Locator Return Tag?

You can protect almost anything you carry around with you on a daily basis. Our Moguls Locator Return Tags work for a variety of items, including: Electronic gadgets, such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, digital cameras, MP3 and DVD players, USB drives or video cameras. Daily items and luggage, including keys, watches, sunglasses, umbrellas, wallet, briefcase, purse, school bag or luggage.

Q: What is the reward and who pays it to the finder of my items?

After your item has been safely returned to you, we will reward the finder with a $50 gift pack of Moguls Locator Return Tag products. You may also choose to give an additional reward to the finder, however this is completely optional and at your sole discretion.

Q: Does the Moguls Locator Return Service work in every country?

Yes, your items will have worldwide protection with a Moguls Locator Return Tag. Our toll free number works throughout North America and finders elsewhere contact us through our website at www.MogulsLocator.com. When a lost item is found, we contact the owner immediately to inform them that it has been found.

Q: Is there an annual fee to keep my Moguls Locator Return Tag activated?

No, there is only a one-time fee paid for the purchase of your Locator tag and it provides you lifetime coverage. .

Q: How do I update the contact information you have on file for me?

It is important that we have the most up-to-date contact information for you so that we can quickly return your lost items when they are recovered. Contact information may be updated HERE with your account username and password. You may also report a loss and offer an additional reward to the finder of your lost items at our site. .

Q: How do I apply Moguls Locator Return Tags on my items?

First identify a highly visible location on your item so that someone can easily identify and read the Moguls Locator tag. Make sure the surface area on your item is clean and large enough where the tag will affix comfortably. When you are ready to apply, carefully peel off the back of the label, apply it on a flat surface on your item and press firmly to seal the adhesive. It takes approximately 12 hours for maximum adhesion. .

Q: What does it cost me to get my lost items back?

Nothing! Once your lost item is found and we are notified, we do all of the heavy lifting to get you reunited with your lost item. We will work to arrange for the delivery of the item back to you and we cover all of the shipping costs. .

Q: Having problems activating your ID tag?

The most common problem is confusing numbers and letters on your unique code. Make sure the characters aren't mistaken: 0/O , 8/B, and 1/I are the most common mistakes. If you are still having problems activating your Locator tag, please email us your ID code and someone will contact you shortly with a solution. .

Q: Why should I use Moguls Return Tags recovery tags?

It works: Over 80% of Moguls Return Tags identified items get returned within 48 hours. Protects Your Investment: Our security tags virtually eliminate the risk of permanently losing your valuable items and therefore having to replace your lost items. Confidential: With each security ID tag having a unique ID code, your personal or your company information stays confidential. Affordable: Just one recovery of your lost item will pay for the entire service and more. For pennies a month your investment goes a long way in protecting your valuable items. Productive: Avoid any productivity loss caused by losing your items. Save the time you would have lost in updating your lost contacts from your cell phone or your lost cards from your wallet. Simple & Effective: Our security tags make it easy for finders to contact us. From contacting the finder all the way to arranging the return of your lost item, our simple and effective recovery service makes returning lost items simple and convenient. Worldwide Protection: Moguls Return Tags products and services are global. You can live in Montreal, lose something at the O'Hare airport in Chicago and have Moguls Return Tags ship back your found item to your hotel in Paris. Theft Deterrent: Statistics show that items that have some form of identification are less likely to be stolen. Our security tags’ unique ID code allows law enforcement agencies to identify you as the rightful owner of your stolen item. Lifetime registration: When you use Moguls Return Tags security tags to protect your items, they are protected for the life of the item. That means you’ve virtually eliminated the risk of losing your valuable items for as long as you use these items. .